Bringing Fido on Your Family Beach Vacation

Pet lovers everywhere enjoy bringing their four legged family members on vacation with them, especially when it’s to the beach. Dogs love the beach – running along the sandy beachfront and jumping in the surf. What’s not to love about that! Many people take their dogs with them everywhere they go so a vacation should be no different. When you stay in a rental from Atlantic Beach Realty you’ll be able to enjoy pet friendly vacation rentals that even Fido will love.

Dogs at the beach
When you’re packing for the trip, be sure to bring your pet’s favorite belongings. Having their own bed with them while in strange surroundings brings them comfort and lets them know where they sleep. Their own water and food bowls from home and some toys will ensure their security and happiness. Try to keep them on the same sleeping, eating, and play schedule as they’re used to.

Most places that are pet-friendly will ask for an additional fee to cover potential damages or excessive clean up of the rental after your departure. This is pretty standard. Some places will put weight limits on dogs as well. People with angst-ridden dogs should seriously consider boarding their pets at home or in the area for everyone’s peace of mind.

Bringing Fido on Your Family Beach Vacation
Many North Carolina beaches allow dogs, though most have leash laws, and some limit dog access to certain times of the year. When planning a trip to beach with your dog, be sure to bring along bags to pick up any waste, as all locations require you to clean up after your pet. Atlantic Beach allows leashed dogs onto the sand all year, though they must stay back from the ocean in areas where lifeguards are present.

When you’re ready to find that pet friendly vacation rental, do a vacation rental search on our website and select “Pet Friendly” under Amenities. You will receive a list of all the pet friendly rentals we have. If you’d like any additional information please don’t hesitate to call us or use the “Live Chat” feature on our website. We’d love to help!