Enjoy the 33rd Annual North Carolina Seafood Festival

Enjoy the 33rd Annual North Carolina Seafood Festival

Are you and your family coming to Atlantic Beach for vacation in October? If the answer is yes, then we have to tell you all about the 33rd Annual North Carolina Seafood Festival. The festival will be going on October 4th to 6th in Morehead City and is filled with delicious food. Staying in one of our Atlantic Beach vacation rentals will keep your family close to where the festival is at. Let’s look below at a few reasons why you must attend the North Carolina Seafood Festival.

Live Music & Entertainment

Enjoy the 33rd Annual North Carolina Seafood Festival

No festival is complete without hearing live bands, music and dancing in the streets. The North Carolina Seafood Festival is one of the most popular festivals in Eastern North Carolina. Many people love to come and not only enjoy the food but love to come just for the music. This year your family will be able to dance to many different genres and the live entertainment from many local groups.


Before you leave to go back home from your vacation, be sure to check out the vendors that will be at the festival. From getting your very own shirts to getting a commemorative poster, there is something for everyone. These make great gifts to those who love the festival but couldn’t get away to join you!

Delicious Food

Enjoy the 33rd Annual North Carolina Seafood Festival

The festival isn’t complete unless you have tried the delicious food with the family. From grabbing shrimp and grits to trying new foods from local restaurants, you won’t go hungry during this trip. If you’re worried about the kids and if they will eat the seafood, have no fear because there will be food for them to enjoy too. Sit back on the waterfront of Morehead City and enjoy eating the food you’ll fall in love with.

While there are many other events happening in the area during the month of October, we wanted to share with you the North Carolina Seafood Festival. If you haven’t made your vacation plans yet to the beach to attend, now is the time. We hope that you and your family will enjoy the festival and eat as much as you can get!

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