How to Make Your Dad Feel Special This Father’s Day

It won’t be long before Father’s Day is here — less than two weeks away! If you’re wondering how to celebrate Father’s Day this year we have some suggestions to make your dad feel extra special on his day.
How to Treat Your Dad Special This Father's Day
Why not splurge this year and show your father how much you appreciate all he’s done for you. Treat him to a comfortable and relaxing stay in one of our Atlantic Beach vacation rentals. He’ll feel like a king in any of our furnished rentals with fully equipped kitchens and laundry.
Picture him lounging by the pool or peacefully lounging by the ocean on the special day just for him. Take a walk along the beachfront and just enjoy the time spent with your father. Time spent together is such a priceless gift you have to give, one that any parent would treasure, we’re sure.
How to Treat Your Dad Special This Father's Day
A vacation in one of our Atlantic Beach vacation rentals makes a delightful Father’s Day gift. Does he really need another dress shirt or matching tie, funny Tee shirt or a golf outing? Ok, he might light that last one but there’s nothing that says you can’t do that, too, while you’re here!
Most important of all is to remember, no matter what you do or where you go with your dad, this is a great opportunity for you to connect with him on a personal level. Sometimes that’s as easy as sitting and talking one-on-one and letting him know that he matters to you. Other times, it’s just giving him some time out of your busy schedule to be with him. Once upon a time he was one of the two most important people in your life. Take this day to let him know you have not forgotten. Happy Father’s Day!