Atlantic Beach Nightly Rental Specials

Can't stay a week? No worries, find not only the best selection of Atlantic Beach NC vacation rentals for short stays, but short stays on special too! Just another way we can get you to the beach. Call us to reserve one of these fine vacation rental homes.

BEACHCASTLE - Beach Castle

Bedrooms: 4 | Area:

3-day weekend

Start Date:08/08/2019
End Date:08/11/2019

Second row oceanview cottage

$1580 plus tax



PAB132 - A Place At The Beach #132

Bedrooms: 1 | Area:

Waterslide and more!

Start Date:08/10/2019
End Date:08/15/2019

Come enjoy 5 nights before summer is over!

Regular $945 plus tax

Special $805 plus tax



TOES - Toes In The Sand

Bedrooms: 2 | Area:

4 night get-away

Start Date:08/10/2019
End Date:08/14/2019

Can't stay a week?

$630 plus tax



SANDPIPER - Sandpiper

Bedrooms: 6 | Area:

Get away before school starts!

Start Date:08/24/2019
End Date:08/30/2019

Saturday to Friday - 6 nights- get home for wekend to get ready for back to school

Special  $1390

Regular  $1950



DV111 - Dunescape Villas 111

Bedrooms: 3 | Area:

Oceanfront condo

Start Date:08/24/2019
End Date:08/29/2019

Beautifully remodeled condo- 5 nights

$910 plus tax